Chi sapera chi intendera (echad mi yodea) - Geremia Mario Castelnuovo, Siena


Chi sapera chi intendera (echad mi yodea) - Geremia Mario Castelnuovo, Siena



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Y 00174(13)

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racc. 52, 888

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racc. 52, 803

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Geremia Mario Castelnuovo, born in Siena on September 13th, 1915, to Azeglio Castelnuovo and Olga Procaccia. His maternal grandfather is Naoleone Procaccia, chazan at the Siena synaoggue. After Geremia's father death in 919, Napoleone Procaccia will remain as a fundamental figure in Geremia's childhood, he is the one who instructs him for his bar mitzwah; and who often arranges for Geremia, to officiate as a shaliach tzibbur during the following years. Geremia continues to live in Siena, and the Leo Levi recordings were done in the RAI studios in Torino, probably on occasion of one of Geremia's frequent family visits to his inlaws, parents of his wife Marcella Servi – they were originally from Pitigliano but had moved for work related reasons to Torino.


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