Lekhah Dodi - Fernando Procaccia, Ferrara


Lekhah Dodi - Fernando Procaccia, Ferrara



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raccolta 52, 301

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raccolta 052, 077

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Informant biographical notes

Fernando Procaccia, b. 1897, son of Angiolo who was capoculto in Florence in the beginning of the XX century, was himself capoculto in the “Oratorio di via Delle Oche”, where Italian rite survived for a while in Florence beside the Rito Spagnolo, used in the Tempio Maggiore. Jewish press articles from the 1920s show that he used to go to Ferrara for High Holidays, to help lead the services in the “Scuola Italiana”.

Notes on music

This piece, recorded by F. Procaccia in Genova, is ascribed by Leo Levi, in the notes to the "Catalogo Ragionato", to the repertoire of Ferrara, rito italiano. It is evidently a variation on one of the melodies for Lekhah Dodi recorded by Leoni (see below) referred to as rito tedesco.


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This Item Is Part Of Item: Ferrara Scuola Italiana
Item: Lekhah Dodi - Leone Leoni, Ferrara (2) is a version of the melody in This Item


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