Ledavid Barukh - Fernando Belgrado, Firenze


Ledavid Barukh - Fernando Belgrado, Firenze



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Y 00140(09)


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racc. 52, 195

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racc. 52, 201

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Born in Firenze, 31/05/1913. Studies at the Collegio Rabbinico di Firenze and Collegio Rabbinico di Roma. Chazan in Firenze since the early 1930s, then assistant rabbi to rabbi Nathan Cassuto. Acting Chief Rabbi in Firenze since after the war, is formally Chief Rabbi from 1963 to 1978. Dies in Firenze, 11/04/1998.

A. Zimmerman, Belgrado, David Fernando , Encyclopaedia Judaica 2, voi. 3, col. 289 (born 1918)


Piattelli, Angelo Mordekhai. “REPERTORIO BIOGRAFICO DEI RABBINI D'ITALIA DAL 1861 AL 2011.” La Rassegna Mensile Di Israel, vol. 76, no. 1/2, 2010, pp. 185–256. JSTOR, www.jstor.org/stable/41619019. Accessed 4 April 2021.

Notes on recording

Part of the collection of psalms known in Florence as "mizmorim di motzei Shabbat", together with "mikhtam leDavid" and "Ledavid barukh". As Renzo Ventura explains in his recording oh "Hodinu lekha", these three psalms, sung before arvit lemotzei Shabbat, are read by various congregants alternating verse for verse (the first two) and by a single person (the third).


Item Relations

This Item Is Part Of Item: Firenze Tempio Maggiore
This Item complement of Item: Mikhtam leDavid - Fernando Belgrado, Firenze
This Item complement of Item: Hodinu lekha - Fernando Belgrado, Firenze
Item: Ledavid barukh - Renzo Ventura, Firenze is a version of the melody in This Item


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